Do you have a mailbox at your home? It is a necessary item that helps us to get our posts securely and adequately.

We need a lock for the mailbox for the safety of our postal letter or other items. We need to lock the mailbox to put the letters in it but cannot take out without opening the lock.

People think that these mailboxes have their lock, and if there is a problem with the lock, then we should take the mailbox to a locksmith for the proper installation of a new one.

But we will suggest you save your money and install your mailbox lock yourself without spending on the automobile locksmith services.

Please go through our article on installing a mailbox lock to know an efficient way about the installation of the lock.

What is a lockable mailbox?

What is a lockable mailbox

Before learning about installing a lock on your mailbox, we should know what a lockable mailbox is?

A mailbox with a proper lock and its key is called a lockable mailbox; there are many options for you to lock it manually or control it by electric or fingerprint scanning locks.

For your lockable mailbox, some steps will help you to install a lock with a mailbox.

Step one:

Take a horseshoe-shaped pin, and with that, remove the older or damaged lock of your mailbox. It is quite simple, and you do not need to perform any problematic services.

Step Two:

Now take this removed lock to the store and ask him to provide the same size and security level lock for your mailbox.

It will make your task easy while you make adjustments during installation and provide you with the same security level as your previous lock was providing.

Step Three:

When you have bought a lock, then try to install it. For that, you need to make a base for that lock.

Make a void to fit in the cylinder part of the lock. It is the main part of the lock. You should need to make this from the front side of your mailbox.

Step Four:

Once you have made the hole for the lock’s adjustment in your mailbox, unpack the new lock.
Insert that lock in the hole, make it fit from all sides, and make sure there is no losing side from any side. You should also check the lock from inside and outside of the mailbox.

Step Five:

Now check and verify the functions such as open it with a key, also ensure that you have a spare set of keys. Try to put your hand inside the mailbox and even put some force on the lock.

When you got satisfied with the lock then properly lock your mailbox.

Final Thoughts:

Our postal letters are essential for us, and we need proper security for them. We need lockable mailboxes that are quite simple to handle. We have provided you simple steps on how to install a mailbox lock in our above article.