As science is advancing at full speed, the application region, especially the security platform, is growing very strong. Large industrial areas and offices have lots to control for maintenance purposes. So maintaining the key for every door is quite hard for them. Apart from this, some sensitive areas must be under full security surveillance. Electric doors or electronic doors are the best solutions for this problem. Not only do you have the option to operate all the locations in a remote place but also you can monitor the visitor’s and employees’ activities. This is why the electric lock is being used highly in commercial areas.

Here, American Locksmith, we will know what are the main keyless electric commercial doors. And how to put these easily on your commercial door.

Electric Lock on a Commercial Door
  1. Access Control Keypads

This electric door lock system runs on individual instruction. This device can generate individual codes for everybody. So, each person who has the correct password, only allows the user to enter. These devices are re-programmable. So, you can change the password in the future.

  1. Access Control Keycard Reader Electric Lock

These devices are only operable by RFID cards. These machines run on EMR technology. These are not completely keyless because the cards are the replacement of keys. You have to carry the cards while entering the room. Some lock features swipe or some lock allows you just a casual show of the card.

  1. Biometric Access Control Smart Lock

Biometric locks are being used widely in the current generation. This is probably the biggest invention in the technical field. Just by confirming your eyes, fingerprint, and face, these devices allow you to enter. Not only that, but the fraud’s attempts are also recorded. So, it will give you the best security.

A high-quality sensor is being included in these devices. The large storage devices have enough space to memorize more than 100,000 entries. Let’s see how to put these on the front door.

How to Add Electric Locks on Commercial Doors?

How to Add Electric Locks on Commercial Doors

The process is not so simple. The mechanism of installing a whole sensor board into the commercial door needs knowledge. But you can do it if you follow the manual given by them. There is no particular instruction because each security lock has different types of mechanisms to follow.

Commercial Doors already have a complicated cylinder lock mechanism. If you add any of the above smart locks for your door then there is no need for you to use the lock cylinder and the keys. Now, these may cause problems because if the key goes to the hand of the wrong person then he or she can enter the room though there is an electric lock. So, first, you need to deactivate the keyway and have to connect the wires to the lock cylinder. The second job depends on the mechanism of each lock type. But to do the first job, use a DIY toolkit and lock the passage of the key. To do this, you can pull out the keyway passage from the latch plate. But make sure, you don’t hamper the set screw and the lock cylinder.

Is It Okay to Use Electric Lock on Commercial Doors?

It is the best way to save the privileges of your company. It gives large access control in a remote place. No need to keep eye on the keys because you and your organs are the keys itself. Easy to handle, safe, and power to handle any weather, make these devices beneficial. So using these devices is just perfect.