We always search for our house and offices’ best security system to keep our valuable protected and secure.

While talking about the security locks, the master key system is one of the best solutions for strong security and ease.

A master key system allows you to access all of your locks with their keys, but in an emergency, the master key will unlock any of your locks.

You can protect yourself from the frustration that we face while lost or forget our keys. But it is a costly system if you go with locksmith Pinellas Park services.

Do not avoid leaving this wonderful lock system due to its cost; try out some methods and install your own master key lock system.

How to set up a master key lock system?

How to set up a master key lock system

You can go in varying ways; different people have different expertise but have a look at below some simple steps that will easily develop a master key lock system.

First Step:

The first step to set up a master key lock system is to identify the number of doors and keys.

It would help if you counted how many doors are in your building with locks and how you will give the numbers to these locks.

If you are going to build a new building, you can add it to the architecture design. But with an existing building, you can give any number that makes you easy to remind.

Second Step:

In the second step, when you have identified the locks’ number, you will also get the keys plus one master.
It would help if you gave names to keys to remember them; you can give any of the names to your keys that simple to remember.

For example, if you have five doors, then you can name the keys below.

  1. Master key-K
  2. K-1
  3. K-2
  4. K-3
  5. K-4

Your master key will be the control key that will help you when you have lost or damage any of the keys. It will unlock any of the locks, and you will not need to pay any cost.

Third Step

Third Step:

Third but the crucial point is to select the master key door lock. Most people make the entry door lock as the master key lock.

But we will not recommend you, because if you have lost the master key, you will not get access to your building and not from the main gate and not from other doors.

So, make a second or third door lock as the master key lock system if you want to keep you safe from untoward situations. Having a spare master key is also a better idea to minimize all risks.

You can make a better combination and master key lock system after identifying your building security measures.

Final Thoughts:

We always try for better security but with the facility, the master key locks system ensures both.

Develop your own master key lock system for your new and old buildings and increase your control level.