Do you know about the whatsapp gb?  No? Do not worry, maybe you are thinking that I am talking with you about whatsapp, but you are wrong. It is a modern app that provides you with all of the features of whatsapp with some extended features of official whatsapp, such as sending and receiving bigger size files and much more.

You can use that app for doing audio, video calls, messages, conversation calls and much more. But sometimes, we mistakenly remove the messages which we actually do not want. Some messages are crucial for us, and we need to recover them, but it looks impossible. But no worry, we will tell you some tricks to recover your deleted messages in whatsapp gb.

How can I recover whatsapp gb deleted messages?

How can I recover whatsapp gb deleted messages

You will need to follow different steps according to your devices, such as Android and iPhone; we will tell you about both.

How to recover deleted messages on my iPhone?

It is quite simple to recover deleted messages in your iPhone; you can even recover the messages you delete with the “delete for everyone” option.

  • First of all, visits the app and take the backup of your chats; it is essential without taking the backup, you will be unable to recover your deleted messages. So make sure you have taken the backup of the data.
  • Then uninstall the app; after uninstalling, reinstall the app on your iPhone. You can download and install it from any trusted source.
  • After installing the app in your iPhone, open the App and go to the settings menu; in the settings menu, you will see” iCloud” then restore chat history” click on that option for recovering deleted messages. It will take some time to recover the deleted messages.
  • But you will need to verify the recovery process by providing your iPhone cloud password; if you cannot provide a password, it will be unable to get access to deleted messages.

How to recover deleted messages on my Android phone?

How to recover deleted messages on my Android phone
  • Connect your phone with Wi-Fi, but before recovering the message, make sure your connection is strong and you also have enough space for recovery data in your phone; otherwise, the process will stop in both cases.
  • Take a backup of your data because you will need to delete the app, so take a backup first from the settings menu. After that, uninstall the app and wait till the completion of the process.
  • Then install the app again in your android phone from any trusted website and log in to your whatsapp account; on seeing backup restore data, press it and wait till its completion.
  • When complete, then go to settings of the whatsapp and click on the “chat history,” here you will see “Archive all data.” One press that options your messages will start recovering wait till completion of the process it may take some time, because of the large size of data.

Final Thoughts:  If you are using whatsapp gb and you have deleted your important messages intentionally or unintentionally, but now you want to recover them. Then follow the above simple methods according to your device and recover your deleted messages.