The Masters has viewers from not only America but also in different countries of the world. And the UK is one of them. Golf has massive popularity there.

As we are getting close to the tournament, as a UK fan of golf, you must be trying to know how to watch Masters Golf Live Stream online. There are multiple options available for you. Some of the top channels to watch the whole tournament will be covered in this article.

Watch Masters Game Live from the UK

Watch Masters Game Live from the UK

Most of the American channels will not be accessible from the UK. This is due to some geographical limitations. But that doesn’t mean you can not watch this amazing tournament from the UK. Several sports streaming services in the UK will broadcast The Masters 2021. Though not every channel is worth watching, we have listed the top two options available in the UK.

Sky Sports Golf

Sky Sports Golf is dedicated to the golf game. Whenever there is any golf tournament around the world, live streaming will be available on this channel.

So, in my opinion, there is no better way to watch The Masters on this channel if you are residing in the UK. This station is accessible from every part of the country. So you don’t need to worry about your location.

They have several subscription plans available for you. And the good thing is all of them are affordable. So select the one that you think suits best to your requirements. Different periods are also available. So, if you don’t want this channel once the tournament ends, you can choose the shortest period.

Additionally, if you love golf, you will love this channel. As it only shows golf games, you can watch all of your favorite tournaments here.

SkyGo App

SkyGo is also a great option for you if you are living in the UK. The upcoming Masters Golf Tournament will be streaming on this channel.

Unlike Sky Sports Golf, this station has a larger list of sports. It is not restricted to golf. So if you are getting SkyGo App, you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite sports.

Like most of the other streaming services, SkyGo App also comes with a lot of subscription plans. And all are with reasonable pricing too. The good thing is you will have free access to their services for a limited time before you invest your money. Within this time if you feel it is not worth subscribing. Then you can opt-out anytime.

This app is also accessible throughout the country. So, you can watch The Masters Golf Live Stream from any place in the UK.



It’s not a matter of concern if you are in the UK. If you love golf, you must not miss the thrilling Masters Golf tournament. And these two are the best stations available in the UK to watch the whole event. These are also very reliable and popular channels. So, you don’t need to look anywhere else. And now you can cheer for your favorite golfer via one of these networks.