There is a difference between Carnipure and Carnosyn. The difference may be in the price, how they are absorbed, and their side effects.Until recently, the difference in cost has been a difference maker for many consumers. As more studies have been conducted on both products, there are findings that show that Carnopure is actually better than Carnosyn.

Difference in price

The difference in price is beyond significant. Carnipure is a patented form of CoQ10 that contains 16 times more active ingredients than other brands, and this difference in quantity is noticeable.

Frequently, the difference in price is explained by the difference in quality. Other brands are not pure enough to be effective and do not contain an extract as concentrated as Carnipure. In the case of using CoQ10 for medical purposes, this difference can be quite detrimental some customers have even switched back to other brands after experiencing side effects caused by taking a deficient product.

Carnosyn does seem like a more affordable alternative (being approximately $0.25 per capsule less than Carnipure), but it may still not be worth it when put into consideration that many products use the same ingredients and therefore offer similar benefits for much cheaper prices.

Difference in absorption

The difference in absorption is where the difference between the two CoQ10 supplements comes into play. One of the key issues with oral supplementation of CoQ10 is that it does not convert to ubiquinol (the “reduced” form) once ingested, as it does when administered intravenously in hospital settings. This means that orally dosed CoQ10 converts mostly to intermediate oxidation state ubiquinone (CoQ-). For this reason, many researchers maintain that “ubiquinol’s superior bioavailability, greater plasma stability and capacity to be taken orally in the processed state” are responsible for its difference in efficacy in published studies. This statement is backed up by many clinical trials that have found ubiquinol to significantly outperform CoQ10 when administered intravenously.

Difference between dosages of carnipure and carnosyn

Carnosyn is available in two different dosages, 30mg or 60mg. It works out cheaper to purchase the 30mg bottle as a one-month supply and then supplement with carnipure if you need higher levels of CoQ10.

Carnipure is available in 16mg and 32mg strengths. If you are taking the full 32mg dose, it will last you for only six weeks. A bottle of carnosyn at a lower price will last much longer while providing the same CoQ10 levels as Carnipure.

For most people, equal amounts of carnosyn and carnipure provide them with the same health benefits.

This difference means that if you take a larger than average dose of CoQ10, it will be much more cost-effective to purchase single bottles of carnosyn at lower prices.

For those who are not taking high doses of CoQ10, there is no difference between the two options.

This difference should be considered when purchasing CoQ10 supplements to lower the cost of long-term use and maximize the health benefits from taking them.

What are the side effects of working with a bio-identical form of CoQ10?

There are no side effects to taking these supplements but people with severe allergies should not take them without consulting their doctor.

If you have a horse allergy, it would be best to avoid taking CoQ10 supplements altogether.


I hope you found this blog helpful, and that I convinced you to try Carnipure next time you need to buy a CoQ10 supplement.