Mexico has built some world-class golf courses recently. Some of the best participants of the US Open also belong to Mexico. Hence, as a golf fan in Mexico, you wouldn’t want to miss the US Open golf live stream this year.

In the past, few Mexican also won the prestigious championship. Lee Trevino is the most popular name who won the title twice. Continue reading to know how you can enjoy the most exciting golf event of this year.

The US Open Golf Live Stream from Mexico

The US Open Golf Live Stream from Mexico

In Mexico, ESPN will be broadcasting the 121st edition of US Open golf. ESPN is popular all around the globe for its sports programs. They have a wide range of channels covering different games, including golf, football, tennis, WWE, and more. ESPN is well known for providing high-quality sports watching experience.

Therefore, if you live in Mexico, ESPN can be your best assistance from June 17th to 20th. The live coverage will go through the week. Besides, they will also telecast highlights of previous seasons of the US Open before the event starts. So, it’s a great opportunity to experience some classic games of golf.

Moreover, in Mexico, you can have Spanish commentary for the US Open golf live stream. That’s amazing. So, get ESPN right now on your streaming devices, and prepare for the event day.

How to Watch ESPN in Mexico

How to Watch ESPN in Mexico

ESPN is a very popular channel in Mexico. You can stream it in various methods. However, if you’re an American, who is visiting Mexico in the event week, you may want to use your ESPN Plus subscription. But sorry to say, ESPN plus is restricted outside the US. So even if you have a subscription to that version, it will not work. The following are two ways to watch ESPN in Mexico.

Watch ESPN on TV

Almost every TV network provider in Mexico offers ESPN. So, if you have a cable network in your home, try to find the channel. Contact your service provider if you don’t have it on your TV. If you don’t have a subscription to any tv network, then we recommend you get one. This is the cheapest option. Besides, you will get a lot more channels. But if you don’t prefer watching TV, you can follow the next method.

Watch ESPN Online

Not everyone has a cable connection at their home. Besides, many people prefer to watch the game outside. In this situation, you can watch the channel from ESPN’s Mexican version website. However, you need to subscribe to their services which are quite affordable. Check their website for the latest pricing. Not to mention, you need to have a stable internet connection to watch the event seamlessly.

Final Words

We hope this article was helpful to you. Now you can enjoy the prestigious US Open golf live stream from your home in Mexico. The championship tournament has its fan base around the world. Therefore, no matter where you’re, you can watch the entire event on your streaming devices. We expect you to have an exciting week, and your favorite golfer may win the title.