Canada has a larger NHL fan base than America. So, like every year, few of the Canadian channels will broadcast the Stanley Cup Finals 2021 live stream in the country. In this article, we’ll discuss everything about watching the finals in your country.

7 out of 16 teams that played in the play-off rounds are from Canada. Do you think any Canadian team can get the trophy this year? Well, you need to watch the final games to know.

How to Watch Stanley Cup Finals 2021 Live Stream in Canada

How to Watch Stanley Cup Finals 2021 Live Stream in Canada

Rogers Communication signed a multi-billion dollar contract with NHL to hold the broadcasting rights in Canada for NHL games. It’s a 12-year deal, starting from the 2014-15 season. It has distributed the telecasting rights to different channels, including its own Sportsnet.

You can catch all the live actions from the NHL on the following channels in Canada:

CBC Television

CBC television airs all the games, including the regular season and play-off rounds. Roger’s communication usually produces these games. So, in Canada, you can watch the Stanley Cup Finals 2021 live stream on CBC television.

Though Rogers had their own channel, they still sold the rights to CBC. That’s because CBC is very popular and widely available in Canada.

You can watch CBC in Canada using any popular methods you want. It’s available on cable tv, satellite, and also online streaming. Visit CBC’s website to get more information.


Sportsnet is owned by Rogers Communication in Canada. It holds the right for telecasting Wednesday night and Sunday night games in Canada. Besides, Sportsnet also streams other games, occasionally those involving only US teams.

Sportsnet is available nationwide. So, if you live in Canada, you can get access to the channel from everywhere. It’s available through Cable, Satellite, and IPTV to watch on television. You also can stream the channel from its website.

Hockey Night in Canada

Since 1952, Hockey Night in Canada(HNiC) has been streaming the NHL games in the Country. It has become a tradition in Canada. HNiC covers all the Saturday night NHL games.

TVA Sports (French Language)

Do you want to enjoy the Stanley Cup Finals 2021 live stream in French? Well, the good news is it’s available in Canada. Currently l, Quebecor Media holds the exclusive rights to telecast the games in the French language in Canada.

Quebecor Media airs all the games on its specialty channel TVA Sports. The channel is a direct competition to RDS. There are many people in Canada who prefer to watch games with French commentary. So, this is the option for you.

TVA Sports is widely available in Canada through different mediums. You can get access to the channel through Cable TV Networks, Satellite, and IPTV. During the games, tune in to TVA Sports using any of the ways, and enjoy.

Final Words

We hope you have found your way to get access to the Stanley Cup Finals 2021 live stream in Canada. Compared to other countries, Canada has a huge number of ice hockey fans. So, grab some popcorn and enjoy the finals of the NHL season 2020-21.