You will have a lot of options when you look for trolling motors online but you need to consider certain numbers of things before buying anyone. At website, you will get some of the trolling motors which have various amazing features. It is very important that you make a smart decision instead of buying a trolling motor on impulse. You need to first find information like thrust and type of trolling motor. Also, check out the control type of the motor which is very important for anyone wanting to use the boat. You need to prefer better control over the boat when buying a trolling motor.

What type of trolling motors you can buy?

Things you will need for the installation

There are a lot of options you can find when you look for trolling motors online or offline stores. You need to find out which trolling motors are best for your boat. You can choose the electric steer trolling motors which provides the best control to its users. You can use such trolling motors for fishing in nearby places in the lake. You can also find hand control trolling motors steering which is easier and useful in small lakes. You won’t face too much trouble in controlling them. If you want to go fishing like a professional then you can go for cable steer trolling motors. It might be hard but if you get the hang of it then you will surely enjoy fishing in shallow waters.

Things you will need for the installation

Make sure that you consider the right installation for trolling motors in your boat. You can choose either bow position which is at the front of the motors. It will be easier to control the direction of the boat. You can also select the back of the boat which is a more preferred option nowadays. If you do not want it to take too much space then you can hang the engine outside the boat using plates.

How to install the receptacle and the plug?

Here are some of the things which you need to keep in mind in order to get the best quality of installation for 24-volt trolling motors. Make sure that you first install receptacle and the plug to ensure a perfect installation.

Choose the place for installation – First thing you need to decide is the right place for the installation of trolling motors. You can either choose the front or the back of the motor to ensure everything went smoothly.

• Drill the holes for installation – Now drill the small holes on the place where you want to install the trolling motors. Make sure to handle it carefully to avoid any troubles.

• Now place the receptacle – After that, you need to place the receptacle on the place and mark the areas you need to put the screws.

• Remove wire coating for connection – Remove the plastic coating of the wire from about 2 inches to start a connection.

• Connect the battery leads – Now you need to connect the battery leads and terminal for the trolling motors.

Steps to wire the 24-volt trolling motor

Steps to wire the 24-volt trolling motor

For the installation of 24-volt trolling motors, you need to follow all of these steps. You need to ensure that you do not make any mistake with the installation which can end up causing trouble for you.

  1. Connect the circuit breaker – For the perfect installation you need to connect the circuit breaker and it should be about 4 inches from the battery.
  2. Now connect the terminals – Now comes the difficult one, as you need to connect the positive lead of trolling motors to circuit breaker’s positive terminal.
  3. Connect circuit breaker to the terminal – After that, you need to connect the negative lead to the positive terminal of the battery.
  4. Connecting battery to trolling motor – To conclude the wiring you need to connect the negative terminal of the battery with the negative terminal of trolling motors.

These are some of the things which can help you with the proper installation of 24 volts trolling motor. If you follow all the steps properly then you will surely get the best possible results. You can also buy double battery trolling motor so make sure that you wire it correctly to avoid any troubles. Also, make sure to do not place the motor too deep as it will not provide you enough thrust.