Garage doors are the main entry point and one of the most using points in our home. We use garage door openers to enter the house. But there is also a risk that you may get hurt by your garage door, go to this article for more.

Garage doors are big and can cause serious injury to us, especially when they are at auto-reverse functions.

So, it is necessary to install the sensors in the garage door that will ensure our safety. When any object comes in front of the door sensors, sense the object, and the garage door opens.

But it is risky for us if our garage door sensors are not working properly; we should check the garage door sensors in routine to keep us protective from injuries.

How can we test the garage door sensors working properly?

How can we test the garage door sensors working properly

Testing the garage door sensors’ functions is quite a simple task that will not take more than two minutes. If you make it your routine, you will keep yourself and your family protected from any accident.

You can test the garage door sensors, take cardboard and place it in the way of the garage door.

If the garage door is working correctly, it will automatically open, but if not happen, then there is a problem with your garage door sensors.

How to identify the problem with sensors?

How to identify the problem with sensors

Once you have found that your garage door sensors are not working properly, you need to perform some other tests to identify the sensors’ problem.

First Test:

The simple way is to check the LED lights on the garage door; if you noticed that the green lights are blinking, it means your garage door sensors are working properly.

But if you notice the red light, then it means there is a problem with the sensors’ alignment. You can adjust the alignment with the screw. If the alignment is adjusted, your door will properly close, and the lights stop blinking.

Second Test:

The second test is very simple; it sometimes happens when more dust and debris on the sensors stop working.

Take a clean cloth and clean the sensors and check the functions again. You can make it your routine to clean the lenses’ dirt area to get rid of that permanently.

Third Test:

The third and the last one is checking the wiring system of sensors; if you see any damages or break in the wire, get it to repair.

Wires become faulty and broken due to wear and tear and weather effects.

Last Solution:

You have checked all but have not found any problem. Then, contact the professional to remove the problem.

Final Thoughts:

Garage door sensors are essential for the garage door’s proper functioning and our safety. You will find sensors from different brands and models. Choose a sensor that is compatible with your garage door.

However, sometimes these sensors become faulty and can cause a serious accident.

So, we should test them properly and immediately remove the problems to keep us secure from any injury.