If one wants to set up a website for their business they want to register a domain name commonly known as URL for that website. Often, it is a good idea for their website to be the same as their company name, but this is not a requirement. Domain name can be an abbreviation of their company name or a different name altogether. Hosting is the place where one website exists. Whenever someone visits the website they download it from the hosting provider and only then they will be able to see their website. Without hosting the website is not visible to the world.

Choosing Domain Server Name:

Choosing Domain Server Name
  • One should start it by finding out if the domain name of their choice is available.
  • They can perform this step by using a domain name registrar and use their domain name register search box.
  • Mostly, a .com extension is preferable, but one can use a different domain extension if a .com is not available, such as .net, .info, and so on.
  • One can also include dashes and numbers in their domain name if they have difficulty in finding website URL availability.

Registering Domain Name:

  • Some website hosts include domain registration free of charge, so that one does not need to pay for its separately.
  • Alternatively, some domain registration services provide website hosting, so that when they register their domain name, it will automatically direct to their website.
  • The above steps are good tactics for saving money and making website setup easier.

One even has the option to register their domain name with one company and get website hosting from another company. For instance, if they have a blog with a free service, they can purchase a domain name and point it to their blog website address. Hence they do not want to purchase for additional hosting. One can even register a domain name before they have a website.

Pointing Domain Name for Website

  • When they are ready to use their domain name, they have two options.
  • If they want to forward the domain name to one page, they can redirect the domain name to a specific web address.
  • If they want to use the domain name for an entire website, they can point their domain name to website location using name servers provided by their website host. The website hosting company that they are using will provide one with the name servers and instructions to setup.
Pointing Domain Name for Website

When one updates their name servers, they have to allow at least 24 to 48 hours for the other networks to access the information and for their website properly appear on the internet. They can even save money by registering a domain name for multiple years or by finding a domain name registrar who is having a sale. One should aware of that they need to renew their domain annually. Most of the domain name registrars will let to register domain names for cheap for the first year, but the renewal price will usually return to the regular rate.