How ridiculous is it that when you insert the key in the ignition lock and not work? You try to turn the key to start your car, but you can’t start, check more details here.

You may become angry and repeatedly try with the same key; you try to apply more force and even check the engine, battery, and other things to know why your car is not starting.

It wastes your time when in the end, you know that there is no problem with any other item, only the ignition lock is faulty, and you need some repairing services for the ignition lock.

There is no doubt that the ignition lock is essential for us to start the car and repair that lock we hire locksmith services in a hurry.

But you will wonder to know that the ignition lock’s most occurring problem is in its cylinder.

You can repair the ignition lock cylinder in some simple ways. Just read our article on how to repair the ignition lock cylinder and know more about its repairing.

Steps to Repair the ignition lock cylinder:

Steps to Repair the ignition lock cylinder

You may find variations in different ignition lock cylinders for different cars, but all vehicles’ basics will same.

First of all, check your car’s key and try to know the damages on the key. If you find some damages, then there is no problem with your ignition lock, and there is a problem with the key.

If the key is ok now, there may issue with the lock. Most of the problems can be debris and dust. You can remove these problems by use of lubricant oil.

But if the problem still exists, then try to fix the lock issues. First of all, park the car in some safe place.
Now unscrew the lock with the use of tools available in your car toolbox.

Next to that, when you open the ignition locks’ upperparts, you will see the lock cylinder. Inspect it thoroughly if there is no damage or problem.

Then take some soft cloth or take a toothbrush, make it wet with lubricants, and clean it.

But if the lock cylinder is damaged, it is better to replace the ignition lock’s cylinder.

What you need here? Take proper care while unscrewing the lock and its parts, and keep in mind the proper places.

Now take the same model of the cylinder from the market and fix it at their proper place. When it sets, then try to start the car. It is ok and starts then reassemble all the parts and try three or four times for verification.

Final Thoughts:

Ignition Lock Cylinder

Ignition lock in the car is an essential part of starting your car. But it is a minor problem that its cylinder becomes faulty.

We have provided you some possibilities that can occur in the ignition lock and repair the ignition lock’s cylinder.
We hope our article on how to repair ignition lock cylinder was helpful for you.