Do you want to find out a reliable solution for backup of your computer data? As a computer user, you may need to backup several kinds of files and data for safety and recovery purpose. There is always a risk of data corruption and data loss in computer systems due to virus threats and other problems. If you want to find out a good solution for backup of your computer data, you will need to choose from external hard drives, SSD drives and USB flash drives.

As you know, USB flash drives are available at a very affordable price and it is a very compact storage device in its size. However, you should know are USB flash drives good for backup. Before using flash drives for backup of your data, you should know about the following information:

Ease of use

Ease of use:

As you know, USB flash drives are very small in size and you will find it very lightweight to carry anywhere in your pocket, purse or bag. you do not have to use any kind of additional accessory or wire with USB flash drive. There is no need to charge it before use. You will find it a perfect device to use with your laptop, tablet, smartphone, PC and other devices. It is very easy to use device because you can insert it into the USB port of your PC or mobile device. Therefore, it is a big advantage of using a USB flash drive for backup.

Speed and storage space:

If you are going to use USB flash drive for backup, you will find it very efficient and versatile device. At the present time, you will find the high speed of file transfer in latest USB flash drives and you can easily get the storage space of 64 GB, 128 GB, 512 GB and even bigger storage sizes of these drives. Therefore, you do not have to worry about storage space and transfer speed when you are using a flash drive for backup.


At the present time, you can easily look for advanced USB flash drives having security features in it. you can find the features like password-restricted access and even security from malware and viruses. There is no need of any internet connection to access the files of USB flash drive so there will be a lower risk of virus attacks in it.


When you will compare a USB flash drives with other storage devices like external HDD or SSD, you will find it very affordable in price. If you do not need a large storage capacity drive for data backup, you can go for USB flash drives having the storage space of 16gb and 32GB that you can easily get at very cheap price in the market. Because of its affordability, it is considered as one of the primary choices for most of the people for data backup. You will not get such short storage capacities in external HDD or SSD so you will need to spend lots of extra money for it.

When you want to know are USB flash drives good for backup, you should also know that it comes with very limited lifespan. USB flash drive can last for up to 10 years if you are taking proper care of it. however, it may also have a short lifespan of about a few months to a year. If there will be a bigger chance of data corruption and erasing as compared to external HDD or SSD. Based on all these factors, you can make your decision to go for USB flash drives or other devices for data backup of your PC.